Mobile CSS improved

You can see the menu toggle after clicking it to show it, so you can hide the menu if you want now. Also, added a border under each item. Might make tapping easier.

You'll have to refresh several times, if you've already been to it. Only tested on an iPhone 7. Don't have any Android devices.

Nice, the archives uses the same class. So it doesn't look right.

Fixed it. For some reason clearing BunnyCDN's cache, is faster tonight. One night I decided to go to bed, instead of waiting for it to clear it.

The location of the toggle could be improved, but I'm lazy. Got to go to bed.

If you turn your phone sideways, you can't see the toggle on the homepage. I may or may not fix that.

Should look similar if you have your phone sideways now. It does on the iPhone 7.