Nice blue dot

I thought that was only supposed to happen at slower shutter speeds?

If you look at the RAW in AfterShot Pro, you can't see the blue dot, if you zoom in. I think AfterShot Pro gets rid of it. Just export it, and it won't have it.

Got to use the lame pixel mapping function in the menu.

Lame because I have to do it. Apparently some cameras you have to send to the manufacture to get it done. If it worked, I'll only buy Olympus cameras. If it didn't work, I might eventually buy a Panasonic camera. Do they have a pixel mapping function?

Looks like it fixed it. Or I didn't take enough pictures. Also was in a different room. Messed up on the focus on most of the pictures I took. Or messed up the bokeh.

That's the best picture I took. There's something brown on or above her nose. Was that the flash? Or has she been sticking her nose in poop?

I'll be keeping my YI lens, it's the only auto focus made for my camera lens that is f1.8. I have a cheap manual Chinese lens, but it probably isn't as sharp. Manual focus is a pain. At least with Canon FD lenses it is.

Another dark picture on my phone, not on my monitor. Google wants to "fix" the lightning, all it does is ruin the picture, perfectly clear in AfterShot Pro would probably work better. But it doesn't need anything on my monitor. Increasing the brightness on my phone could help too.