Nice, TDS meter might of came with bad batteries

It said 0 even for tap water. So I removed the batteries, and put different ones in it, it works now.

Got a 7 cup ZeroWater pitcher. It came with a TDS meter, and a new filter, the new filter went in my bigger pitcher, and the old one in the new one. You fill the little pitcher up, then fill the big one up from that. The filter should last 6 months maybe doing that.

Removing the batteries, and putting the same ones in, might of fixed it too, I just replaced them. I have a bunch.

That answers that, the cheap eBay batteries are fine, I killed the other meter by submerging the entire thing in water, like the directions said, or so I thought. I assume I bought the batteries on eBay.

Water might taste like soap. Or maybe non cold water isn’t good. It’ll take a long time to fill it up.

The small pitcher doesn’t take as long to fill up. But the big one is at a standstill. Might filter faster in the fridge.

Water with the old filter is only 001 or 002. You aren’t supposed to have to change it till 006. Might taste funny before 006.

What happens if you drink soap? I’m to lazy to dump it out. Also, I did dry it with a towel. So there might be no soap, just paranoid.