Not all Melatonin is equal

There’s a show on Netflix or something, that talks about the unregulated supplement industry.

They don’t have to put what it says it has in it. Or the amount.

Melatonin doesn’t really work anymore, possibly because of the brand. It only works, if I take one, lay down, fail to fall a sleep, then take another one.

The gummies I got a 5mg a piece, a serving is two, which is 10mg. Just take one, fail to fall a sleep, take another one. It’s like eating to fall a sleep, they taste like candy. At least I won’t gain weight doing that.

Not all probiotics work either, it might not make it past your stomach acid.

The probiotics from Amazon seem to work, their brand.

Probiotics are supposed to go past your stomach? Nice, more bacteria in my colon. Or whatever is after my stomach. I didn’t learn anything in school. Not even that people are horrible, I learned that later on.