Olympus OM-D E-M10 II is good enough

It has better IBIS then the first E-M10, it should have focus bracketing too. I think it’s the first one that got it. That’s what something on Google said, didn’t click it though.

The better IBIS, might make my Canon FD lenses usable, it’s in focus on the screen, but as soon as you take a picture it isn’t. Using the EVF helps, but that’s a pain. I prefer to stare at screens.

It’s $100 less then the Panasonic GX85, a year older too. For some reason I don’t want to spend $500 on a 2015 camera. But it’s probably worth that much, the first one takes good pictures, so unless they massively screwed up, the pictures should be just as good on the new one.

Don’t want to buy from Olympus, you don’t save that much, and they might give odd instructions to FedEx, like I have to sign for it, not somebody else. Good luck shipping that to the package place. If you don’t plan on camping out, you won’t be getting your package.

How many focus points does my E-M10 have? The PEN E-P5 has better IBIS, and is only $350 on BuyDig. It’s refurbished. Ha, it’s older then my E-M10, and less focus points.