Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

Will Adorama have that used next month? It’s a demo unit, I love demo units.

I don’t like Adorama though, they don’t email you anything about the quote you asked for on their site.

Pay more for the refurbished one on eBay, less then Olympus directly.

It’s sold by Roberts Camera on eBay. Silver though, most of my lenses are black. They won’t go together.

ollows purchase with contracted web bug ad spammer. Privacy invasion alert.

What is that supposed to mean? And according to Firefox, ollows isn’t spelled right. More like they are using Windows, and got malware from some other site.

I love the tripod. hate the seller keeps spamming me about extended warranty

That might be what they are talking about. But their feedback makes no sense, talking about a web bug ad spammer. So a bug that surfs the web and spams you?

Buy the black body only from them for $400. That’ll leave money in the bank, probably more money then I need. That’s what a spam folder is for, for the extended warranty.

Going to their site now, to see if it’s cheaper, maybe you get a no eBay discount. Lame, only on their eBay.

Their eBay store says “UsedPhotoPro”, but that site doesn’t list the refurbished camera either.

The Panasonic GX85 is $370 on UsedPhotoPro. Think I’d rather have the Olympus for a little more. I already know the menu on Olympus, except the newest one is simplified. So it probably isn’t the same.

Olympus could always send me one for free. The video on their site didn’t show enough of the interface, don’t care about scene auto crap, or the art crap. I’ll use it in A mode. But if the auto mode actually works, then I should use it.

People seem to like the Mark II, think the only difference is more focus points and 4k on the newer one. Seeing if Roberts Camera has it. No refurbished ones on their eBay store. And the used isn’t much cheaper then a refurbished Mark III.

You can get the Mark II new for $330 from Hong Kong, somebody said they got it in five days, in the USA. That’s the body only, no charger or battery, I need both. Is the Mark II more desirable or something?

There’s a seller refurbished camera, I wouldn’t buy that with a hundred foot pole.