Olympus stands behind their products

Somebody in Canada had a bad experience with a contractor that Olympus uses to repair cameras.

They never fixed their camera, they managed to make it worse. So instead of sending it to them for a third time, they posted comments on their Facebook, and emailed the USA Olympus, and the headquarters in Japan.

They agreed to replace the camera. Will they get a new one or a refurbished one? Probably whatever they have in stock. Apparently they paid over 2k for it. For that much money, I’d rather have a new one.

I won’t ever buy a 2k+ camera though, only refurbished ones. That are under $500.

If I was Olympus, I would fire the contractor in Canada. Either use the contractors in the USA, or find somebody else in Canada. There’s two contractors in the USA, are either of them good? I’d also reimburse them for the shipping they paid to the contractor. Two times, and they failed to fix anything, yet made it worse somehow. I might give them points or something on Olympus’s site, so they can buy a lens or something.

Good thing I’m not in charge of Olympus, they’d probably go bankrupt. They’d have the best customer support before they go bankrupt though.

I’d get rid of the call center crap, just hire and train people. Would be expensive though. At least, you’d be talking to Olympus directly, not somebody that doesn’t know anything.