Over an hour of downtime

Jetpack didn’t notice the downtime right away, said it was down approximately an hour.

I noticed it down before Jetpack emailed me, so it was down over an hour.

Funny BuyVM.net is still down. I opened a ticket, their client area was up, then it went down for not very long. Even the Slice control panel was up. But starting my Slice didn’t work.

They’ll probably email me back saying it’s up. I already know that.

If there block storage wasn’t so cheap, I’d switch hosts. I could get a cheaper Slice, the $2 a month one, and then use it just for Piwigo storage from a VPS on a different provider.

Or get a proxy, that either loads, or says the server is down. You can accomplish the same with Cloudflare, it’ll say it can’t connect to your server.

How am I supposed to post on my journal, if it’s down? Good idea, get rid of the hosting, and host it locally, don’t punch a hole in the firewall. Then it’ll be a real journal, only accessible by me, and hackers.

[ERROR] mysqld: Table ‘./xxx’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Lots of tables had errors, did it fix em automatically? That means the server crashed. Guess their power went out again. Probably will need to reupload all my pictures to my gallery.


It was a power outage. The same UPS that was acting up during Christmas did so again. The storage cluster was fine. Somebody drove into a power box a mile or so away. They are replacing the UPS next week. The storage cluster has two power feeds.