Don’t sleep on your back

Didn’t fall a sleep on my back, but I did wake up on my back, from the lack of breathing. Breathing while laying on your back isn’t easy.

Dog doesn’t wake me up when I stop breathing. Might of had chest pain too when I woke up.

Fallout 76 still runs like shit

Still boring as fuck too. All video games might be boring as fuck now though.

That’ll save me money.

Don’t buy the Sigma 60mm, wait and buy the Olympus 75-300mm instead. But that lens costs more then my camera did.

Olympus M. 40-150mm
That is only $100. Is it sharper then the Sigma 60mm? Probably not. I don’t care about the aperture. You might have to step the Sigma down to f4, that might only apply to the Sigma 30mm though.

Would that even fit in my new camera bag?

Looking at the pictures taken with that, I might buy it. The AF can be slow, but who cares, it costs $100.

I don’t care about isolation. Therefore, I might as well save $100.

I was going to buy that sometime ago anyways. According to B&H’s site, only that price till the 5th.

Might be able to replace my YI with that, except the YI has more bokeh, if I need to blur something out.

Damn it, should of bought the FUJIFILM FinePix XP120 Digital, it’s only $14 more. I need to own a Fuji camera. You can use that outside in the rain.

If you plan on using that Fuji underwater, you might get water vapor in the lens, and display. Does that apply to rain too?

I can’t afford a Fuji mirrorless camera, their glass is expensive.

When will Intel’s dedicated video cards come out?

And will they support their GPU virtualization? Then I only need one video card. They might make em only work with Intel CPUs. Which would be a bummer.

If it uses an opensource driver, then it’s even better. Then your kernel version doesn’t matter, with closed source drivers, they don’t always work with the latest kernel.

Whoever makes a cheap consumer video card with GPU virtualization first, will get my money. Probably not NVIDIA though, the opensource reverse engineered driver always made my computer freeze. That only leaves AMD and Intel.

Nice, AMD’s new CPUs will be cheaper

The Ryzen 5 will have 8 cores, and I assume 16 threads, I don’t remember the article. Think the cheapest is about $200. But if I get a Ryzen 7, I get 12 cores, and 24 threads.

Might be cheap and get the Ryzen 5, I don’t really need 24 threads.

That’s assuming the site is right. No confirmed info from AMD.

If I wanted to be really cheap, I could get a six core for $100. But that’s less cores then what I have.


You don’t need less then f2 for low light. That’s why they invented flashes. They work wonders.

Lots of risks if you don’t use a flash, like blurry photos.

Got to pay my rent tomorrow

Sucks, I could use that money to buy an overkill Sigma 60mm lens. Overkill, because any lens better then my YI is. Might still use the YI, when 60mm is to far zoomed in. Will both fit in my case? Probably not.

That’s a lot of bots

Only one visit to this site. Either all bots, or they use a Pi Hole.

uBlock Origin blocks it, clicked temporally allowed, and then Pi Hole blocked it.

WordPress or Textpattern?

If your site is already using WordPress, might as well be lazy and keep it. I’m to lazy to finish my WP importer.

BunnyCDN is useless for images, it doesn’t have the full picture. Shows white where more picture should be. I purged the entire cache on it, that didn’t solve anything.

Using WordPress’s free CDN for images, and BunnyCDN for CSS and JavaScript. WordPress CDN doesn’t do all CSS and JS.