You must like a ton of bokeh if you need or want f1.8. Even at f5.6, there’s bokeh, just more of the dog is in focus.

You might be able to get less bokeh, if you back it up. You don’t need a lens more then f2.8, f2.8 is the cheap Sigma lenses, well more then my used YI lens.

That should be f5.6, unless my memory failed, to lazy to import it in AfterShot Pro to see, my default image viewer doesn’t say the aperture.

Probably f1.8.

Both drives formatted to ext4

And the data is back on both of them. I deleted some stuff from my main backup drive, so I didn’t have to delete everything from the second backup drive. I deleted the main backup data from the second backup drive after it finished copying it back.

Seeing as I’m not using 100% on either the movies or the other backup drive, I could backup both to the new drive. But I’ll leave it as the movies backup, in case I put a ton of data on the movies drive.

People still play Fallout 76?

It’s boring as fuck, and runs like shit. I doubt they tested it on the minimum requirements, probably not the recommended either.

My specs are probably better then the minimum.

Good job BuyVM

Their block storage is awful as your /home drive. Had to unattach it, then attach it, then reboot the server.

Should probably move everything back to the non block storage, and then ln -s the folder with the pictures.