Still no flickering

Looks like it was the outdated kernel. The kernel I’m running is also outdated, to lazy to compile the newest version, Manjaro is slow as fuck at updating.

amdgpu.dc is on too.

Uptime is almost three days.

A telescope with a camera kit would cost about $400

Don’t ask me how to put the telescope together, or attach the camera to it.

But that would allow me to zoom in really far. You might need a better tripod then I have too.

Anyone know how to assemble a telescope?

Huppin’s has one for $150. Maybe my mom will buy it for me, probably not, seeing as the dog is sick. She took her to the emergency vet last night. That’s expensive. They have one for $100, but it’s a refractor type or something. The $90 kit, you’d need to purchase something else, to get it in focus. The cheap ones at Huppin’s don’t require tools to set it up.

I think I’d rather have the $300 telescope. Probably have to use tools to assemble it though. But you might not need to replace anything to use it with the camera kit.

Chibi might be dead today

Alarm went off at 10 am, looked at my phone to turn it off, had a text saying Chibi couldn’t walk, and was crying. I had enough energy to stay up, but decided it wasn’t worth it, so went back to bed.

When I woke up around 12 pm, I had a missed call from her. Called her back, thought she would of already taken her to the vet, nope they can’t see her till 3 pm. She said she can walk a little, then she falls down. She’s peeing on herself too. Cries when she’s awake.

She wasn’t as bad this morning, she let put her outside, and she walked back in. She had to come home from work, and won’t get paid for today.

Nobody knows what happened, why she got worse. She isn’t eating or drinking either.

You don’t have to like a dog to not want them dead. Maybe she was annoying when she was younger, but that isn’t a good reason to not like her. Not liking her because somebody else doesn’t, isn’t a good reason either.

The problem is, you have to put them down, which feels like murder. It just reminds me of all the dead dogs I know, like Buddy and Meiko, and then that Tonka will be dead someday too. If Tonka doesn’t die in her sleep, then it’ll be just as bad as losing Buddy, if not worse. No dogs I grew up with will be alive anymore.

Dog being smart or not also doesn’t matter, just ask God, all there is is love. Ask the guy that died and came back, not a “near death experience”, nothing near about it, they were dead.

She’s gone. She said she looked peaceful. When they gave her the shot.

Might be sleeping for a long time. Assuming I go to bed earlier. And I fall a sleep.


That might be a cheaper solution then HDHomeRun Premium TV. Possibly better quality too.

Don’t think Channels works with anything other then HDHomeRun though.

Removed is $15 a month. Does it have the History channel? That’s the only channel I care about.

I could share it with my mom, 5 devices, and 3 IPs. Share it with my grandparents. Except, Emby might be in beta for Apple TV.

Haha, some ISPs might block IPTV. Is it legal? If so, I’ll take Comcast to court.

Most likely illegal, at least that one. $15 a month might be to little.

There’s another one for $19 for the first three months, then $29, and only 24 channels. That might be legal.

It’s for people abroad and military. So I probably can’t signup with a US address.

Somehow it has Discovery, but no History.

If you want legal, don’t use IPTV. You can get Usenet for cheap. If you get a block account.

I’ll keep my shitty quality HDHomeRun service. It’s legal, so I can’t get sued. Unless they lied, and it’s illegal. Didn’t advertise it as illegal, so I’ll sue em if it is.

Mobile CSS improved

You can see the menu toggle after clicking it to show it, so you can hide the menu if you want now. Also, added a border under each item. Might make tapping easier.

You’ll have to refresh several times, if you’ve already been to it. Only tested on an iPhone 7. Don’t have any Android devices.

Nice, the archives uses the same class. So it doesn’t look right.

Fixed it. For some reason clearing BunnyCDN’s cache, is faster tonight. One night I decided to go to bed, instead of waiting for it to clear it.

The location of the toggle could be improved, but I’m lazy. Got to go to bed.

If you turn your phone sideways, you can’t see the toggle on the homepage. I may or may not fix that.

Should look similar if you have your phone sideways now. It does on the iPhone 7.

Isn’t a brain bleed deadly?

That’s what the vet said about Chibi, either a brain bleed, or she hurt her legs.

I find it hard to believe she’d be alive if it was a brain bleed.

Sofie might of wanted in my lap

She was doing something, putting her front legs on the couch with her head up there.

She could of been reacting to my anxiety and depression. No antidepressant fully works. Listening to Pink Floyd over and over again might not help either.

Might be easy to sleep soon, depression can solve that problem.

Tonka hasn’t been trying to get in my lap though. I’m probably the only person she sees that would let her in their lap.

Tonka did do that once, when I was at my sister’s. Then her dog did it too after Tonka. That’s why I never went there again, apparently the anxiety was super high.

So if you think your big dog doesn’t like laps, have them meet me, and they might like my lap. My younger sister’s little dog doesn’t try getting in my lap though. I’ve put her in my lap. She has jumped up on me though. Maybe she’s not good at jumping in laps.

Increased heat is good news for electronic manufactures

You’ll be replacing them more often, if the heat gets hot enough. Or bad for them, if people decide not to replace anything.

They could add water cooling to everything, but that’ll make them money too, once it leaks and destroys it, you’ll be buying a new one.

What does my phone do overnight?

Only used 48 GB of data on my Comcast connection so far this month.

The WiFi VLAN is blocked overnight. I did change the time some days ago.

Either my phone was using a lot of data overnight, or playing games did.

Can somebody use your phone’s WiFi connection without your phone disconnecting? Maybe.