You can’t use your own modem on Xfinity prepaid

Can you enable bridge mode on the provided gateway? You can on regular Xfinity, not sure about the prepaid. Also, can you disable the hotspot?

Apparently $45 isn’t the normal price. That would explain why it has no data limit.

Says you can only access it with their gateway. You can’t use your own router. Not sure if they can completely lock out another router, you can clone it’s MAC address, making it appear as something else. It’ll be connecting a router to another router, with no bridge mode. Probably no IPv6 if you do that.

That’s a bummer, I don’t want to use their gateway. I’d use it as a modem only, but not as the only router.

How to fix the bluetooth on your Fluance AB40

You have two options, unplug it for thirty seconds, and back in, and it’ll work again. You’ll have to do that every time you want to use it. Might be fine if you leave your bluetooth adapter plugged into your computer. And leave it on.

Better solution, buy a Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming plug it into the 3.5mm on the soundbase. I’m to lazy to unplug it every time I want to use it.

I might just keep using my other soundbase though. My monitor is sitting on top of it.

I could also get a long 3.5mm cable, and plug that into the soundbase, then I don’t need bluetooth.

The ZVOX might sound better anyways.

I should buy the SMACH Z in the future

Not for games, just for a portable Linux computer, smaller then a laptop.

Oh wait, one of those new AMD Chromebooks would be way cheaper. They have Linux apps on em now. And if I want to play games, Rainway will work on it, in Chrome.

But Chromebooks are riddled with spyware, it’s called Google.

The AMD Chromebooks are rated at 6W for the CPU. Must have good battery life.

Global warming

There might be no nukes on this planet, just extinction of all life, from heat. Or at least all mammals.

It’s a hoax according to Trump. He’s lucky he’s over 70.

Go to Mars, and you’ll get a nuke dropped on you. Stay here and get fried. Which is faster? Depends on the radius to the nuke you are. If you are right in the center where it touches down, you should explode and be dead in seconds. If you fry, that might be a slow painful death.

Home Depot will make more money, people will need fans, and AC. They might finally replace my AC if I’m still here and alive when the temperature goes up.

I must of got a really awful vision, that I can’t remember. That would explain why antidepressants don’t work.

Wild Mike’s pizza

Is it any good? Probably not, it’s frozen, and was around $4.

Somebody said frozen food costs more. Even frozen pizza? I can make one as big as the one I got for around $4? That might be the price of just shredded cheese. Probably two dollars for a block of cheese. You’d need to find a small amount of cheese for under a dollar. Pepperoni isn’t cheap either. The sauce and the dough is probably cheap. Unless you get the two ingredient recipe, that uses yogurt.

If you want more then pepperoni on it, you’ll be way past $4.

I have an ancient Tony pizza in the freezer, that I never ate. Should throw it out, but I’m lazy. Once the nukes land, I’ll need to eat something, so will Tonka. I’ll have to cook it on a camp fire, that I’ll start with rocks.

Got to cancel Comcast at the end of the year

Not paying more then $45 a month to them, paying $40 till the end of the year.

I’ll cancel, then buy their prepaid kit, which is $45 a month. There might not be a 1 TB limit, if there is, they just shut your connection off. They can’t bill you for it.

It’s only 20 Mbps, it really should cost $10-$20 a month.


Will there be an Apple TV app? If I ever decide to play PC games, I can stream it to my TV. Or play it in a web browser in Linux.

In the fourth quarter, for Apple TV, PS4 is pending approval. Why so long for Apple TV? I don’t want to turn my PS4 on, that’s to much work, and the Apple TV is on 24/7.

Oh and apparently the Switch is getting it too. Might work remotely, not if you have Comcast, you need a 12 Mbps upload speed, Comcast gives you 6.

Unless you pay Comcast for 1000 Mbps internet, I won’t pay them anymore money then they already get. Does the 400 Mbps plan have more then 6 Mbps upload? And does it have a 1 TB limit? If it does, it’s useless. Just think how quickly you can use 1 TB with 400 Mbps. The 1000 Mbps is $160 a month. There’s a cheaper 1000 Mbps plan, no idea why. Also, you have to search for the terms, to find if there’s a limit. Most people ordering, won’t know if they don’t read, and never heard of Comcast.

Their site sucks. They don’t want you to know which plans have that limit.

Yup, only 1000 Mbps has no limit. You can pay another $50 for it. I won’t, as I still won’t get 12 Mbps upload, not with my plan.

Their prepaid internet apparently has no data limit.

What the fuck is the point in more then 3 Mbps with a 1 TB limit? Good idea, cancel Comcast, get prepaid internet, and zero limit according to their site. That’s $45 a month, and only 20 Mbps. Shitty pricing, I pay $40 for 60 Mbps. Or more then 60 Mbps, depending on the speed test.

You must be at least 18 years of age, live in a Comcast-ready home, and be in an area where this service is offered. Also, your address cannot have an active Comcast or Xfinity account. Check here to see if Xfinity Prepaid Service is currently available at your address.

You got to cancel first. You have to buy their wireless gateway shit though, I got a modem.

I bet it wouldn’t work, I’d cancel Comcast, get the prepaid kit, and it would say I don’t qualify. There’s no overages on prepaid. So they might just shut your internet down if you use more then 1 TB. But their other site says it doesn’t apply to Prepaid internet, but farther down, doesn’t say that.

Four more batteries to charge

They were in my Wii Motes. Two of them were completely dead. Had to jump start em. Looks like the voltage only goes past .50, if you hold it there longer. One only went to .06, and I think the other was .22 when I put em in the charger.

My charger doesn’t require a lot of voltage from the battery. My La Crosse could need .50, something I read said they do. I don’t use that, because if you pick it up, it resets. I only use it non plugged in for jump starting batteries.

They still sell it. I wonder if none of them can be picked up. Must of been fine for a while, then something happened to it.

Doesn’t charge C batteries, so it’s useless.

If I buy another charger, it’ll probably be the exactly same Opus, then I can charge all four C batteries at a time, it comes with C adapters. The engineer reviewed the Opus I have, that’s why I bought it most likely. They review lots of battery related stuff.

I wonder if my AA batteries work in my light, with my C adapters. They might, didn’t in the broken light I had, couldn’t close it using the adapters. Bought the C batteries most likely to see if they would work in the other light, don’t think they did.


If you have a Switch, and use it, nxmtp allows you to access it by MTP.

Obviously only if you have homebrew on it. That’s better then shutting it off, removing SD card, putting in card reader, copying data or whatever you are doing, remove it from card reader, put it back in Switch, boot into RCM to send your payload.

I don’t use my Switch, so it won’t do me any good. I turned it off.

Use at your own risk, no source code available. That means it could brick your Wii Switch.

How long after they release the code for TX to borrow it? They’ll claim they are the only CFW with it.

Pee is supposed to be warm?

I usually don’t feel a thing. I can hear it, that’s how I know I’m going. Someday I’ll probably piss myself randomly, from the lack of feeling. And I won’t even know for days.