Neighbor spoofer texting me?

Says they can’t talk right now. Only two things could of happened, neighbor spoofer sent a bogus text, or they spoofed my number and called the number that texted me. They rejected the call, and their phone sent that.


My Amazon rechargeable batteries are made in China, apparently they aren’t as good as the Japan ones.

I probably won’t use em in my flash anymore. Cause I’m paranoid. Almost all the batteries in the Tupperware are charged.

Don’t think you are supposed to use beat up batteries, like the plastic on the top coming off. One eneloop battery is doing it too. Not as bad as the Tenergy battery.

The beat up Tenergy battery has the highest capacity of all of them, and has only been charged twice. How am I supposed to power my light with just three batteries? I don’t have anymore C batteries, the light isn’t worth buying more either.

I think the reviewer, mixed the battery, with some other brand, or a non rechargeable battery. It made a mess on their charger. The other damaged battery looks like Amazon’s alkaline non rechargeable batteries.


Last night, or early this morning, my phone did the animation like if you tap on an app, to a bunch of different ones, I wasn’t touching it. Just looking at it, the apps didn’t open, you can do the same effect by holding your finger on it.

Apparently my phone can also use mobile data in the background, but if I try looking at my email, or going to a site, it uses WiFi, which is blocked from a certain time frame, so nothing works.

On another note, the feeling in my stomach is gone. I didn’t fall a sleep till after 3 am, harder to sleep without Melatonin.

Not sleeping might be fun

Can’t take Melatonin anymore. So I might not be sleeping. 20mg of Melatonin will make everything worse.

Waiting for UniFi to say I’m not connected anymore. So I can reconnect and see if I get an email with mobile data off.

If I do, the firewall is only blocking local connections. Meaning my phone is using some other DNS server. How long should I wait for an email? A couple hours?

I can see in the stats on the router, that it’s blocking stuff. So turning mobile data off for an app in iOS doesn’t work. I know, because I tried doing that first, disabled mobile data for my email app, and I got an email.

Maybe the router didn’t send an email, I just re-enabled mobile data.

Logged into my webmail, there’s an email. Looks like if you disable mobile data, connect to WiFi, it won’t use the mobile data right away. Screen might need to be shutoff longer.

Well, the firewall is working.

My motion control light isn’t worth anymore rechargeable batteries

Especially not $40, for a better brand.

If all four batteries die, I might buy a dumb charger. You can’t jump start the battery, if they all die. You need one charged one. What happens if you use a different type of Ni-MH battery? Like a AA one? It has less capacity, but the voltage is probably the same.

Ni-MH batteries don’t leak? Also, good Ni-MH don’t need to be refreshed. That means my Tenergy batteries aren’t “good”. Refreshing might not fix em anyways.

If they really don’t leak, I’ll never put regular batteries in my flash. They can still explode though.

Somebody killed Amazon btw. Trying to see if I can use a C adapter in a Panasonic charger. Says only AA and AAA. So I guess no.

They lie, Ni-MH can leak. Leave it discharged for a long enough time, and it can. I should get a battery case, so my batteries aren’t all piled up in a Tupperware.

Remove batteries from devices that are being stored.

From here. Should of done that with the flash my grandpa gave me. Battery might not of leaked in it, if I did so. Should probably remove the battery from my camera, and flash. And my phone when I go to bed. Cause it’s being stored while sleeping.

Removed some alkaline batteries from my RC car’s remote. They didn’t leak, and they’ve been in there for years. I should give that RC car to somebody, or sell it.

Charging some AA batteries. Going to charge all of my batteries in the Tupperware.

Does Opus make a charger that does more then 4 at a time? I could just buy another of the same one. I’ve had it since 2015.

Doesn’t look like they do.

AccuPower is slightly cheaper, might not need an adapter to charge C either.

Can it charge dead batteries? That is barely any volts. Search for “BT-C 3400” on Amazon, you probably won’t find it. Remove the space between C and 3, and still don’t find it. I find it on a different charger, that it’s comparing it to.

Here is the BT-C3400. Doesn’t look like it needs an adapter, probably can only fit two in it though. Good thing I have a cheaper model. Probably will wait till March to buy it. Good idea, buy a different brand. The warranty might be useless, and I think Powerex has some for around $50.

Is there a reason Amazon isn’t finding many chargers? Their site is shit, that’s why.

The only Powerex that does C batteries is $110 on their site. It’s $90 from B&H. What’s the best four bay charger?

I’ll just get the Opus, it’s less on Free shipping too. I’ll pray that it doesn’t die. But how did they find Opus’s site? Google finds the dc site.

Here’s the Opus site. Thought that was market place. Apparently you can get a subdomain on it.

You can recharge alkaline batteries, using a MaximalPower charger. I wouldn’t recommend it though. You’ll get a leaky battery. Did the reviewer use rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries? The review that said it caused leaking.

One of my eneloop batteries got warm. It was charging longer then the other three it was charging with or at the same time. Might of overcharged it.

I think some of them have been charged recently. How long is recently? Months ago? Probably. I charged it at the default rate of 400mA.

They think Tonka doesn’t look 15

Look at her face, a five year old dog does not look like her face. Lots of gray.

I wish she was only 5, then I wouldn’t have to worry for another ten years about her dying. Or being forced to murder her by lethal injection. They call it “putting them down”.

I need a shortwave radio

So when the cell towers go out, I can call for help. The internet will be out too, so no radio, you are screwed.

Why call it shortwave? It can go huge distances, look it up on Wikipedia.

Now how much do they cost?

On another note, don’t buy the Harbor Freight batteries, they will most likely leak, at least their dirt cheap AA batteries, you can get em for free sometimes.

You need a portable one, that uses batteries or solar, the power will be out too.

You need a transmitter, do they make an all in one radio that does both?

One Tenergy battery is over 5000mAh

Think it said 5333mAh last time I checked.

All three of the other batteries are under the advertised capacity. One is slightly under 4000mAh. The advertised capacity is 5000mAh.

Would take to long to refresh em. Not increasing the charge and discharge rate, I like my batteries cold.

The person that reviewed I think AAA batteries from Tenergy, said they refreshed them when they got em, but didn’t say if they tried doing that again, after ten times, and the capacity went down.

Then people saying they won’t charge, that’s cause you have to jump start em. The best way is probably with a dumb charger.

Now it’s over 5500mAh, and still charging. Is it going to get up to 6000mAh? That’s the beat up battery too, with the plastic coming off the top. Are you supposed to use it if the plastic is coming off?

It’s done charging, 5652mAh. Light has power again. Only one set of C batteries, so it’s out of order till they charge up.

If I had two sets, I could refresh em. Assuming it doesn’t take almost a year to do it. That’s how long the batteries last in the light.

Good idea, buy another charger like mine, and then refresh all four at once. Need a dumb charger too, and more C batteries. Should see if there’s any other good brand C batteries. Nope, Tenergy is the only brand I like that has em. The other brand, has some bad reviews. Last time I looked at em they did. Buy the low self discharge C batteries from Tenergy. Lower capacity, but they shouldn’t be completely dead if left overnight not charging.

Harbor Freight has a cheap dumb charger for $8, might be a fast charger. You don’t need to leave the non charging battery on it long, then you put it on the smart charger. No idea if the actual store has it, or if it’s online only. Also their C batteries are lower capacity then the Tenergy ones, and costs $8 for two, that’s $16 for four. Might as well pay that much for Tenergy and get higher capacity ones.

Powerex might be a good brand, but $20 for two C batteries. That’s $40, almost as much as another battery for my camera. Don’t think I saw that when searching for “nimh C batteries” on Amazon. If you search with Powerex, you’ll find em.

Is any good? They might have different brands then Amazon. And they have slightly cheaper Powerex batteries. Only five C batteries on that site.

You can get an old Powerex model, for under $20, for four. Don’t think they are low self discharge though. Might as well buy Tenergy.

Tenergy might not respond to support, but the EBL brand, might respond. Tenergy responded once to them, then they never heard again from them.

Energizer is a known brand, $7.49 for two. They keep their charge up to 12 months, that’s long enough. It’s an add on item. Less capacity then the other cheapo brands, 2500mAh.

BONAI LCD Universal Battery Charger is that a dumb charger? It has a screen, that shows the progress. And it has a discharge function. But you can’t change the rate or anything. The Tenergy is cheaper, but no support.

Funny, that charger is sold by three different brands. Including EBL.

EBL has a cheaper dumb charger, but it is indeed dumb, if you put the battery in backwards, it might explode. So I’ll have to pass on such a charger, as I’ll probably put it in backwards, to see what happens.

Doesn’t look like there is a good dumb charger. The Tenergy might die eventually. Looks like the paperclip is the only option, unless you want to find some cheapo charger on eBay.