Panasonic’s warranty might be useless

There’s a post on DPReview that says their expensive lens, wasn’t repairable.

Then an “ex” employee claiming most of them were dropped, and couldn’t be repaired because they wouldn’t be up to spec.

Good news, Olympus is announcing a new camera on the 24th, or I think the 24th. Maybe the E-M10 Mark II will be only $300 next month, refurbished of course. The newest E-M10 is more simplified, I like the interface on the one I have.

Already told my sister she can have the extra battery, so I’ll be buying another battery for whatever camera I buy. At least Olympus should include a charger, so I can buy an OEM battery. OEM batteries live longer.

If I remember correctly, somebody said you need the E-M1, if you want good focus tracking. That’s a bummer, that costs over a grand. Wait another month, and I might have enough for it.

How come Panasonic’s auto focus is better? At least compared to the cheaper Olympus bodies.

I might still get the Panasonic. I’ll probably void the warranty anyways, for using non OEM batteries in it. Olympus might lower the refurbished prices though, so then I’ll probably stick with Olympus.