Photography is more fun then video games

At least thinking about cameras is. Video games are boring as fuck.

If I sold my Switch, N3DS, and bike, I’d probably have enough for a new camera. Problem is, the Switch and N3DS are hacked, you can’t advertise that. Unhacking the Switch may or may not work, I have a NAND backup, but sometime after I made it, and booted CFW when there was no EmuNAND, I read that what I used depending on the version, makes a bad NAND backup. So if I restore the NAND, I have to make another backup. Also, it didn’t backup boot0 and boot1.

I didn’t realize you needed to manually tell it to backup boot0 and boot1, thought it backed everything up.

So if I sell it, they risk getting banned. Unless they plan on hacking it, and not connecting to the internet on it.

Everything said to backup the NAND, I did so, but it might not be a good backup. They didn’t say it would create a bad backups, I didn’t know until months after doing it, that it could be bad.

Might buy an Olympus, because the Panasonic is now $600. It’s $700 if you want the official charger. You’d think a $600 camera would come with a charger, nope, not that Panasonic.

Might wait until March, you can get a refurbished E-M5 MARK II for $700 on

Price might go down on the refurbished one before March, new camera being announced on the 24th.