Sofie might of wanted in my lap

She was doing something, putting her front legs on the couch with her head up there.

She could of been reacting to my anxiety and depression. No antidepressant fully works. Listening to Pink Floyd over and over again might not help either.

Might be easy to sleep soon, depression can solve that problem.

Tonka hasn’t been trying to get in my lap though. I’m probably the only person she sees that would let her in their lap.

Tonka did do that once, when I was at my sister’s. Then her dog did it too after Tonka. That’s why I never went there again, apparently the anxiety was super high.

So if you think your big dog doesn’t like laps, have them meet me, and they might like my lap. My younger sister’s little dog doesn’t try getting in my lap though. I’ve put her in my lap. She has jumped up on me though. Maybe she’s not good at jumping in laps.