Stomach flu + dog + live alone + in an apartment sucks

Almost puked on the way inside with Tonka. She's only been out two times today. My neighbors don't like me, so there's nobody to ask to take her out.

Some water came up. Thirsty but I'll just puke it up. I think you can go three days or so without water. Kind of a shitty way to die.

I was right about not taking medicine. One of them makes me feel sick if I don't eat, so I'd just puke it all up. Including the water.

Mom got me some other stuff to drink. Good luck drinking only sips when you are thirsty. Haven't drank anything all day.

Might be throwing it up. Then I'll drink more, and just keep throwing it up. Just finished a glass of Gatorade. Why no stomach pain yet? Did I lay down long enough? Or does only water do that?

Every time I puke a lot, I get all sweaty.

Drank some 7 Up, not sure I like 7 Up though, probably drink it slow.

Doesn't look like I'll be needing to go to the ER. Chugged a glass of Gatorade, drank not very much 7 Up, took the dog outside. Didn't puke yet.

Last time I took the dog outside, I almost puked. Well, the time before I got my Gatorade. No idea if I can eat yet. I'll probably wait until I take Tonka out again.

She got me some Popsicles too, and crackers.

Looks like the stomach flu doesn't last 24 hours. At least not being able to drink doesn't. Good thing, cause I love drinking water.

Lesson learned, don't get food at a fast food restaurant. They probably just got over it, and didn't wait long enough before going back to work. They touched my fries, and gave me the stomach flu. Nobody else ate any of the fries, thought my sister's son would have some, he didn't, so I ate an entire tub of fries.

Don't go to any restaurant, you risk getting the stomach flu. Don't eat meat, you risk getting food poisoning. Just eat carrots.

If you puke everything you drink up, then you'll be off to the ER, getting an IV. Something I read said that's the only way to get hydrated, if you keep puking clear liquids up. Makes sense, if you keep puking it up, you aren't doing anything, other then swallowing it, and puking it right back up.

That's how some people eat and not gain weight. They make themselves puke.