T-Mobile’s 5G home internet might not be good for online games

Good thing I don’t play video games anymore.

If it’s cheaper then Comcast, then it’s better. Even if it isn’t, it’s still better. Comcast doesn’t deserve money.

Is 4G LTE no good for games? My ping is only 33ms to a speed test server. You’d have to try and play a game on it. The ping might spike, then go down, and spike some more.

Will it have a data limit? I don’t care about the speed, if it’s cheaper then Comcast. If there’s no data limit, hopefully the speed is more then 3 Mbps. Otherwise, it’s the same as Comcast. You can limit your internet to 3 Mbps, and you won’t go over your 1 TB limit.

50 GB isn’t enough data for my home internet connection. Not sure I can use all of that for hot spot data anyways. They will probably throttle me to 128 Kbps after I use 50 GB.

If you want online games on 5G, you’ll need Verizon’s fake 5G, or AT&T’s possibly fake as well 5G.

I won’t give money to Verizon either, they got their lawyer in office as the head of the FCC. Sprint will probably cease to exist, either merge with T-Mobile, or go bankrupt. That leaves AT&T and T-Mobile. I’m guessing T-Mobile is less of a dick then AT&T.