That's why I should of kept Kismet running

Phone disconnected from WiFi while sleeping.

Did they hijack my phone's session? They found out they had zero internet access at that time, thanks to the firewall. I'd shut my WiFi off when sleeping, but the only way to do so requires unplugging it.

Phone could of disconnected itself, maybe it was trying to use the WiFi, but wasn't working so disconnected. The mobile data works when on WiFi, if the screen is off. Or the phone is semi defective.

Last time it was disconnecting, it disconnected more then once.

I could make it require a username and password when you connect. But I'm lazy. And the server would have to be running on something, meaning if there's a security hole in it, they can then hack it. Might be fine if the device it's on is on the WiFi VLAN. They can't gain control of your entire wired network that way.

If 5G has no data limit, I'll just get a 5G phone, and not use WiFi. Except, I can't control my Apple TV if I don't use WiFi. Maybe the future 5G iPhones will use USB Type-C, and support ethernet adapters.

Probably didn't hijack my session, because I wouldn't of got an alert about reconnecting. I have to be disconnected for so long and then reconnect, for it to say I reconnected.

Probably just trying to get me to connect to their bogus AP.

Two disconnects, one around 3 am, and the other around 6 am. There will probably be more, once I go back to bed.