The Panasonic GX9 is better

It’s currently only $800 on Amazon. Must be on sale, think the regular price is 1k.

What happens if I get over two grand in the bank? I don’t plan on keeping that much in the bank. In March, I might have enough money for the GX9. Not Olympus, but who cares. It works good on auto settings, put it in P and use all auto.

How do they plan on selling the GX85 for $600? Does the GX9 come with a battery and charger? That adds $100 to the GX85, spend $100 more, and get a newer and probably better camera.

Another reason to get the GX9 or GX85, you can power it by a USB cable. So technically, I don’t need another battery, I got a big ass external battery somewhere. Might need to charge it. Just get a long enough cable, and put the battery in your pocket.

If the GX85 goes back down to $500, I’ll probably buy it. Don’t want to wait till March, and don’t really need the GX9, a 20 MP sensor will just take up more space. I already keep the JPGs and RAW files. Just think, 20 MP RAW files.

Yup, that’s why I’ll buy the Panasonic, in camera charging, finally a use for my external battery. I’ll probably buy an OEM battery too. Or not, can you power it by USB without the battery in the camera? Cause the OEM battery might die someday.