Trump might get his stupid wall

The senators are making a spending bill, that will give him the money he wants for his wall, that won’t actually do much. They are adding stuff the Democrats want to it. But it’s early, and they don’t know if the Democrats will support it or not.

Trump claims the wall will stop illegal drugs, nope, they don’t go that route to enter the US.

What’s wrong with people seeking Asylum? He acts like his ancestors came from the USA. Go back far enough, and none of them came from here. The native Americans were here first.

The republicans only work with the Democrats when the government shuts down. Well, the president doesn’t, he doesn’t understand how life works. It’s all about compromises.

That’s a good reason that there should never be all republicans or all Democrats in office. Make it 50/50, change the constitution. That would be a bummer to presidents like Trump.