We are Martians

You can believe evolution is what created us, it isn’t. Evolution takes way to long.

Somebody theorized or something that events can be hard coded into your genome. So if we came from Mars, that’s probably why we are going back.

That’s how some explain fear of lightning, except I’m not scared of lightning. I don’t like water, that is really deep, like the ocean, or a lake.

Why not the explanation that I drowned in my previous life? Except, I didn’t always have that fear. I use to go swimming in the river. Might have something to do with constantly dreaming about drowning.

Oh and some guy at the nut house, said something about adolescents having fear of water, or not taking showers. So he gave me a fear of water. You could probably give me a fear of food, and then I’ll die from starvation.

I probably won’t go to Mars, there will be a nuke strike on it. Some lady that could tell the future, she got it right like 80% of the time, said so. Think it was a nuke on Mars.