What's the point in the grip for the OM-D E-M10 Mark II?

If the grip isn't on the left, it's useless. I don't remember where the battery compartment is, I think on the right, that means the $30 third party grip is useless, it'll add a grip to the right, where I don't need it.

There's nowhere to hang on the left, on my old camera, there was a dial I could rest my fingers on, and break off. Now I end up grabbing onto the screen, which tilts or something stupid, and I like adjusting the viewfinder. Good thing I don't use the viewfinder, I'd be constantly changing it back.

When I first got it, I kept changing the mode, instead of the aperture.

If a third party accessory damages your camera, your warranty is useless.

Just like my third party tripod, I don't own an Olympus tripod.

The third party grip getting loose doesn't matter, that's what the necklace for the camera is. Only the grip will hit the floor. Also, it might not get loose enough to fall off, you'll probably tighten it constantly.

What was that beeping noise? Sounded like a noise Deepin makes. Like adjusting the volume, but I wasn't when I heard it.

I'll probably buy it anyways. Might make it easier to use manual lenses, they add weight to the camera. I'm to lazy to go look at my camera, to see where the battery compartment is.

I need to test my other Vivitar lens, it's a zoom lens, and huge. I'll wait until I get a grip. Starts at 28mm, but goes to 105mm. Use that for portraits maybe. Beats paying $500+. Or even $200+. The lens might of cost under $100 when I bought it.