Why did my grandpa buy a Canon M50?

No IBIS on it, might score less then cheaper Olympus cameras too.

Probably because he already had Canon lenses.

I like micro 4/3 cameras, lots of lenses to choose from. The reason I'll probably never buy a different type of camera, unless there's a successor to micro 4/3, and there's an adapter. The adapter would need auto focus, not all of my lenses have manual focus.

Apparently the 4k on it is useless. Because of the crop. My crop is 2, the Canon is more for 4k, and less for 1080p. I'm not complaining about my 2x crop. I wonder if my video has more crop then taking pictures.

Apparently Canon has the best auto focus. They should ditch themselves and make a micro 4/3 camera. That could be trouble for Olympus and Panasonic though.

I require IBIS, so I can dance naked while I take pictures.

There's probably more lenses for Canon's mirrorless cameras, if you use an adapter. I wouldn't want to use an adapted lens on a camera with no image stabilization.