Wild Mike’s pizza

Is it any good? Probably not, it’s frozen, and was around $4.

Somebody said frozen food costs more. Even frozen pizza? I can make one as big as the one I got for around $4? That might be the price of just shredded cheese. Probably two dollars for a block of cheese. You’d need to find a small amount of cheese for under a dollar. Pepperoni isn’t cheap either. The sauce and the dough is probably cheap. Unless you get the two ingredient recipe, that uses yogurt.

If you want more then pepperoni on it, you’ll be way past $4.

I have an ancient Tony pizza in the freezer, that I never ate. Should throw it out, but I’m lazy. Once the nukes land, I’ll need to eat something, so will Tonka. I’ll have to cook it on a camp fire, that I’ll start with rocks.