You can fill four 7 cup ZeroWaters up faster then one 30 cup ZeroWater

I assume it’s 30, might be slightly more. If you leave it on the counter, it doesn’t appear to filter at all. So I stuck it in the fridge.

I doubt anything is stuck in it, the old filter is in the 7 cup pitcher, and it had no issues filtering.

I wonder how long it takes in the fridge to filter, usually stick it in there before bed. I usually sleep 8+ hours. So it might take 8 hours to filter. Filling the top up once won’t fill it all the way up, so maybe 16 hours, if you fill it up twice.

Luckily, I usually only need to fill it up once. But I emptied it out today. Might of been around 2 pm when I got home, didn’t fill it up right away, had to fill the new pitcher with the old filter up first.

Don’t buy a ZeroWater filter at Walmart, around $15. Even on Walmart’s site it’s cheaper. If you insist on Walmart, buy the pitcher, you get a filter, and a “$20” free TDS meter. Just stock up on pitchers.

Is there a trick to filling up the 30 cup pitcher? Cause it still isn’t done.

This might say how to unclog it.

Got to unscrew the fucker. That means, emptying the top part.

The last option says to return it, if you can’t unclog it. No tweezers, so I touched it with my finger, are you supposed to touch the net on the outside, or the inside? Finger won’t fit through that net. Does refrigeration kill air bubbles?

And it’s filtering now. Just added more water, you are supposed to wait till it finishes filtering. But it’s slow, so am I.

Shouldn’t need anymore water. Unless it stops again, and I have to empty the top part out again.

That article says the filter should last six months. For who? If your tap water tests over 500, good luck. Mine is slightly under 200.

And it was 001, I prefer how it tastes at 000. If it’s supposed to last six months, then maybe I won’t need a new filter for a year. That’ll save me money. Nothing like being a cheapskate.

You know how it gets bubbles? From pouring water into the top part. I saw it happen on the smaller pitcher, while filling it up from the faucet.