Did my ham go bad?

Tastes horrible. Maybe it just tastes horrible if you eat it with nothing. Or it went bad before the date on it.

iPhone SE is on Apple’s site under Clearance

It’s $250 for 32 GB, or $300 for 128 GB.

On their refurbished store.

Just think, if I didn’t buy the iPhone 7, I could of bought the SE for $250. That would of been way cheaper. No force touch on it. I had a Straight Talk iPhone SE, but since I reset it or something, I’d have to pay for another month of Straight Talk, to use it on T-Mobile again, the unlock SIM adapters are lame.

You know why Apple is selling it again? Nobody is buying the new expensive iPhones. So will they release a new SE? Keep the price $350 max, and people will buy it, as long as it’s the same size. All they’d really have to do is put a new CPU in it, and people would want it. Doesn’t even need to be the newest CPU they have, could be the iPhone 7 CPU.

Got an iPad

Didn’t want to wait until next Friday, so I said I could pay for half of it + tax, but instead she said for them to charge me $125, and she paid the rest, around $140 after tax.

It’s my early birthday present. Didn’t want to spend $165, so I got the cheaper one with less storage.

Not sure I really need a new lens, I have a 9mm body cap lens from Olympus. Doesn’t make sense to get a 12mm or 8mm.

If you are wondering why it can’t find your iPhone when setting up a new iPad, you need Bluetooth enabled. I was looking for NFC in the settings, didn’t see it near WiFi and Bluetooth, so I decided to try enabling Bluetooth, and it worked.

The screen is huge, and my iPhone 7’s screen is tiny. Also, it’s painful holding the iPad while using it. Don’t remember what hurts when holding it, probably my weak wrist.

The screen does look better though. And the new iPads are way better then what I had, that I sold to Amazon for not very much, and bought a shitty phone with the money.

Sucks the Logitech case isn’t $50 anymore. I’m not paying over $80 for it. There’s a cheaper one on Amazon, it’s $50. Think the batteries can last four years on the Logitech, they might be replaceable, don’t think the other brand for $50 has replaceable batteries.

Buy the “smart” case cover whatever it’s called, and buy a small bluetooth keyboard.

On another note, my throttling works, did a speed test at the same time on both my phone and the iPad, got a little over 3 Mbps on the iPad, and less on the iPhone.

Set up an open AP, and throttle it to 1 Kbps. Nothing like trolling WiFi crackers or in that case thieves.

Walmart has a keyboard case for $40. Same price as the smart cover. Not sure if the Walmart, I want to go to has it, says “see date at checkout”, don’t think they are open 24/7. Like the small one that doesn’t have all of the stuff I need. Good idea, go to the closer one, and then go to Safeway too.

Nope, not for my iPad, it’s for the Pro. Why are the Pro iPad cases cheaper?

It’s settled, buy the smart cover, or pay over $70 for the Logitech keyboard case. I’ll probably pay $40 for the smart cover. Is a $25 case good enough? It’s probably better then the smart cover.

There’s a case that looks like the smart cover for $15. So you can use it in your lap, with the stand feature, the other one has a little kickstand thing.

The magnet shuts the iPad off? Or just puts the display to sleep? If the latter, they are a liar, use the right words.

Found a case, Otterbox for a little over $40, they do have one for $50, but it’s not like the smart cover. Probably hurt my wrist even more, the $50 case is heavy duty.

There’s another option, don’t buy a case, nothing like a naked iPad.

There’s a possible runny dump

Loose and runny. It was coming right out, almost before I got my pants down.

You know why? I ate Sweeto Burrito for dinner. Last time I ate there, the same thing happened. There’s a restaurant that makes me puke too. Don’t know the name of it, every time my mom got teriyaki chicken from there, I’d puke it all up later.

Does Sweeto Burrito cook with laxatives?

HP has a good laptop

It would be $600 or a little more, you have to pay extra for the 1080p display, and extra for better WiFi.

It has 16 GB of RAM, so it’s the best deal. There’s another one like it, but you can’t get a 1080p display on it.

Linux probably works fine on it, it says Intel for the WiFi, that most likely works in Linux.

Maybe my mom will pay half, she said she could probably buy me an iPad. Will it still be that price at the end of next week?

Wouldn’t ship till the 14th, so maybe. I can spend $400, so she’d only need to give me $200. If she gives me $250, that’s better, the tax will probably be $30-$50.

Get the 17″ one, not 1080p, but more then most of the 15″ or smaller ones. It’s 1600 x 900. And it’s cheaper if you get that, unless you want the 1080p display. I just don’t want the lowest resolution, that they put on almost all budget laptops for some reason. They must of forgot it’s 2019.

I should be in bed, but I can’t sleep. Don’t get the 17″, no SSD, costs over $600 with one.

And Lenovo wins, I don’t care what Ryzen CPU it has, the 3 is all I need in a laptop, $511, with a 1080p display, and 8 GB of RAM, and a SSD. For $591.30, you can get it with a Ryzen 7, of course the mobile chip, not what my desktop has. If I insist on a better CPU, even though it doesn’t really matter, get the 5 for $50 more. That’s $547.50.

Is 1366 x 768 really that bad?

You can get an Acer Ryzen 3 laptop for $310 at Staples. That’s cheaper then the 128 GB iPad.

Not really worth it, comes with a shitty hard drive, not a SSD. You could open it, but that’s a pain.

There’s a Lenovo with a 1080p display, out of stock though.

How much is an i3 laptop with a 1080p display? Don’t really want to support manufactures that are handicapping AMD laptops though.

Will my mom give me $250 so I can buy a laptop instead of an iPad? That’s about how much a 1080p AMD laptop costs.

Go with Lenovo, Office Depot has one, 8 GB of RAM, and a SSD. No need to open it up. Does all the hardware on it work with Linux? Well, if the WiFi doesn’t, just use a USB adapter, I have one, that works with Linux. Might be online only. How much is it from Lenovo directly? I can get a discount.

Get a ThinkPad, you can customize it, and people run Linux on them. It’ll be close to $600 though, because I’m to fucking lazy to put another stick of RAM in it. It’ll cost me around $300, if my mom gives me $250. Or I give her the money and she buys it for me.

To answer the question, yes it is. That’s partly why I sold my i3 Dell.

Apparently HDHomeRun Premium TV went down yesterday

It’s the am here now, so it was yesterday when it started. Apparently channels were missing. And now some are back, but wrong resolution and aspect ratio.

I have it till the 1st, I cancelled it. And I don’t use it anymore, Philo sure looks better, cheaper too.

That was a waste of time

Thought the dog had to go poop, because earlier when I took her out, she was pulling to go the other way, but I went inside instead.

Not taking her outside after 10 pm again. As if anybody is out there, she will bark. If she wakes somebody up, they will complain. So she might get herself evicted. Not worth losing an apartment over a dog, just give her back to my mom.

Except other people’s dogs bark all the time. So I’ll wait to evict her until they evict me, and then I’ll ask why none of the other people are getting evicted.

Didn’t stay outside when she started barking. If she barks, then I’ll just go inside. Maybe someday she will learn how to go to the bathroom, instead of barking at everything.

Almost 11 pm. Didn’t realize she was going to bark.

No wonder colors look slightly wrong on my TV

Changing the color temperature, changed some of the expert picture settings. The white balance settings. Changing it to warm, doesn’t get the settings back. Now I have to find the settings again.

Cool doesn’t really look better. Normal color temperature is what had the white balance settings. They say to use warm color temperature.

Not a big difference between 2.2 and 2.4 gamma. Red still doesn’t look exactly right. That might be my insanity though.

Funny, I ended up with the settings I had to begin with.

I think it’s the red they used in South Park. Warm doesn’t look right. But normal and cool can look the same, depending on what the brightness is. Or mostly the same.

Why I won’t buy a new iPhone

They don’t have force touch or whatever it’s called. Press hard on an incoming text message, and you can respond, without leaving whatever app you are in.

Also, I’ll probably get a Linux phone next. Just have to wait for a 5G modem for the Librem 5. You can replace the modem, it’s not soldered on, think it says it’s in a M.2 slot.