Now to add the rest of my shows to Philo

Except for the shows I can get OTA. Then I’ll uninstall Channels. Need to reinstall Mythtv, also need to see what script it’s using after recording, so I can edit it, instead of cutting commercials, make the commercial markers a chapter. Or just hope my Logitech remote works with the Apple TV app, for skipping commercials.

Should probably watch the rest of the stuff in Channels, before removing it.

Did she lose her fucking mind?

I don’t consider a vacation if her ex is there. That guy is loud and annoying.

Oh and she was insulting me in the kitchen, while talking to my sister’s son. Basically calling me annoying. If that’s how she feels, then there’s no reason to speak to me.

A vacation is supposed to be enjoyable, some loud annoying ass person, won’t make it enjoyable, it’ll make you irritated and then agitated.

If he moves in with her, I won’t go over there anymore. Not worth it.

She’s also annoying, after she drinks to much alcohol.

Wyler’s Light is better then Crystal Light

It’s cheap at Winco, Amazon wants $14 or so for 12, you can get it for $1 a piece at Winco, so $12. That’s rounding it up from $0.99.

Since I can’t get packages here, I might as well get it at Winco. The mail person hates me.

Not as many flavors at Winco as Amazon. The pink lemonade is fine, better then the Crystal Light pink lemonade. Do they even have 12 packs of it? Maybe in the back. Probably not on the shelf.

Will probably switch back to Mythtv

I was only using Channels because it’s easy to use Premium TV with it. I think you can use that with Mythtv now.

Problem with Mythtv, is the full screen GUI. Not what I’d call user friendly.

There’s some other thing I was looking at a while ago. Think it’s Tvheadend. You configure that in a web browser, like Channels. The Apple TV app might not do subtitles. Might not need them for cartoons though.

I’ll probably be lazy and keep Channels. There’s not an official Mythtv app for Apple TV either.

There is an Apple TV Mythtv app, but it’s $10. Not sure if you can skip commercials with a Logitech remote. Says you can with the Apple TV remote.

There is another option, there’s a script on the Mythtv forum, that’ll add the commercial markers to chapters, then you can use Plex, and just skip chapters, if you remove the commercials, and it screws up, you won’t have the entire show.

Channels is cancelled. I can keep using it till next month.

tkg-protonified-4.1 Fallout 76

Mouse works in tgk-protonified, that’s Wine with patches. Don’t know why the mouse doesn’t work in Proton.

Game crashed, cause I clicked space bar in photo mode, taking the picture crashes the game.

Compiling a newer one.

Does H.264 not work in iOS? Tried viewing the video on my phone, maybe 6 Mbps is to slow, you might have to wait for it to load some of it.

The default profile is high, which doesn’t work with iOS. Nope, just checked FFmpeg’s site, and it should work with the high profile. On the iPhone 7.

Might be the audio format. There isn’t actually audio in it though. Should support the audio that isn’t in it. Didn’t have the right device selected in my settings in OBS.

Compiling the new version was pointless, it crashes just like the regular 4.2. Reinstalling xact or whatever might fix it. But I’m lazy, just reinstalled the regular 4.2.

I was right, video didn’t play on iPhone because of the blank audio track. I removed the audio, re uploaded it, and now it plays.

AMDGPU VAAPI HEVC is faster then H.264

over 60 FPS with HEVC, and around 30 FPS almost 40 for H.264. Might be faster to use my CPU.

All I found on Google, is about Intel.

If I scale it to 720p, I get around 100 FPS with H.264.

OBS is fixed

It was all corrupted or something when opening it before. I could see other windows in it. I compiled the git version, there’s a PKGBUILD in the AUR for it. Now it looks how it should.

I wonder if Manjaro updated something, and didn’t recompile OBS. Or maybe it doesn’t like Deepin, the stable version. If they didn’t recompile it, it would most likely get a library error, saying it doesn’t exist.

I never tried opening it in a different desktop environment.

Glad I’m not cinematographer

Apparently you need manual focus if you do that, manual focus for video would be a pain.

The article says you need to think in inches and feet. I don’t think period, I can manual focus for pictures, I just move the ring till it’s sharp.

Sold my old camera

Sister gave me $100 for it. Who knows when or if I’ll buy anything. Still waiting for the eBay scammers to dispute the charges.

Since I didn’t take a picture of the shipping label, with the zip code they gave me, they will probably get their money back. The zip code isn’t valid for the address they provided, yet PayPal confirmed it anyways.

I probably won’t ever sell anything on eBay again. If I do, I’ll make it require a signature.

Syslog is working with my UniFi AP now

It’ll be easier to figure out why there’s a DHCP Timeout/Failure, the log it sends to my computer, might say something about it.

Also, I can easily see who’s trying to connect to my AP now too. It also shows the group key completed handshakes. That is set low, so the log will be flooded with that.

It wasn’t working, because UniFi uses UDP, I used the config from Arch Linux’s Wiki, and it was set to TCP. Changed it to UDP, and the firewall rule, and now it works.

syslog-ng isn’t running as root, I edited /etc/default/syslog-ng@default. The instructions on Google, don’t work, you need to add the -u -g options to OTHER_OPTIONS, not add the variable it says to add.