Accell UltraAV DisplayPort 1.2 Cable with Latches – DisplayPort 1.2, 4K UHD @60Hz, 1920×1080 @240Hz, 3D up to 3840×2160 @60Hz, Retail Package

The only bad thing about that cable, is the packaging. Pain in the ass to open. Hard thick plastic. Some better scissors might work better, or a knife.

Other then that, the cable seems to work fine so far. I won’t know if the flickering is fixed for 30 days of uptime. Which won’t happen because of kernel updates.

Managed to make my ethernet cable loose while plugging in the new cable. I shut my computer down, just in case it didn’t like the cable change. Then I kept knocking my newer external hard drive over. Changing cables is a pain. This cable might die after a year, that’s what happened to a reviewer. So I’ll be changing the cable yet again. I’ll buy a different brand though, don’t like their packaging.