Albion Online

The reviews are mixed.

It looks kind of like WoW. Runs in Linux without Wine of any sort though.

Apparently you have to pony up more money for stuff. Like Guild Wars 2. Except, Guild Wars 2 looks way better.

Looking to see if there’s an native Linux games I want. Probably not, I’d buy it, then never play it.

Volcanoids I like how that game looks, but I already have at least two games like that, ARK and Fallout 76. Like as in the same type. Weird, I just minimized it, went back, and it showed the reviews for Albion.

Early access game, so it’s cheap.

Shouldn’t require much thinking, you don’t actually drive the ship, you just tell it where to go, and it goes there for you, only takes like three seconds. Brilliant. There’s no vehicles in Fallout 76.

I could just play ARK, I did install it in Linux. But I’m to lazy to find my server backup, with ARK in it, also not sure how to use it without a server. Probably have to launch the game first, to create folders in my /home folder. Then I have to look at the folder and the backup. Might need to actually start a new game, to see where it puts the world or whatever.

Volcanoids is single player only currently. That means you won’t get slaughtered as soon you start, like in ARK.

If Rust was single player, I’d buy it. Looks like it’s multiplayer only. Oh wait, might be kind of useless single player. You start the game butt naked, the reason I’d buy it. Can I make him have a vagina?

Rust has tanks and other vehicles. Probably like ARK though, you’ll get murdered right away.