You can block images in Safari in iOS, use Blocker+, it said I can unlock all features for $0. Or I could of paid $0.99 for each feature I wanted.

Only crappy thing is, the Safari Quick Action doesn’t work, go to share in Safari, click more, and it isn’t in there.

Haha, click more on the second row, not where it shows apps.

It lies, you can’t adjust the settings, only add the site to the white list. So if you want ad blocking on the site but images, you will get both.

If you can’t get all features for $0, just use Firefox for free, no ad blocking, but image blocking, that can be enabled and disabled easily.

On WiFi at home, I have ad blocking on everything, with Pi-hole. I’ll use Safari when not at home, maybe at home too. No more annoying ads when on cell data, or somebody else’s WiFi.

You could setup a VPN and crap, but I’m to lazy to do so.