Canon FD 50mm f1.4

That lens is supposed to be good, if you don't have a $150 or more adapter, you might as well buy a cheap Chinese manual focus lens.

You can get one with haze and fungus for $70 on eBay. Think there's a better quality one for $90.

No lens is good enough for me, you don't need one if you don't use your camera. I'd be better off selling my camera and everything for it.

Can't buy anything, until I have 2k or more. I want to see how long it'll take me to get 2k. Probably not long if I don't spend any of it. If I had no rent, it would be even faster.

My YI 42.5mm lens has auto focus.

Is there a 8mm Canon FD lens? If there is, it probably costs way more then the cheap manual focus one made for micro four thirds. That one has some bad reviews, but also some good reviews. It's not a fisheye lens either. It's only like $40 more then my fisheye lens.

What about the f1.8? I can get it for $50, plus 20% off on KEH. The engraved one is cheaper. I don't care if it's engraved. Then people will ask me, "Who's Lisa?", and I'll say, "My ex husband".

They do make lenses for under $10. Or I mean there's ancient used lenses for under $10, that might be as is.

What is MISCELLANEOUS BRAND? I can get a 80mm-200mm for $8. In excellent condition. Use that with my 2x auto extender, and I have a 400mm lens. Well, slightly less if I use my $150 adapter. I have a zoom lens, never tried the auto extender on it. It's a cheap auto extender. Not sure how cheap it was. They have one for $7, that you can get 20% off. The aperture is only f4, don't think you can change it, like the other one. But you get 20% off, can I have free shipping instead? It would cost $15.83 after shipping. The shipping kind of kills the deal. Just curious how bad the lens is, not sure about $15 worth of curious.

Can you use a macro lens for wild life? Does macro just mean you can use it for macro? Eh, it's only $5. Might as well find out. How does the discount work with two items? You get a discount on everything you add. But that brings the price a little over $20.

It would cost $48.90 for three lenses, two zooms I don't need, and a 50mm f1.8 I don't need. One zoom is excellent, the other two are bargain.

Will the discount be available on Friday? Also, can I have a free container to store em in? My backpack won't fit the zooms, I don't think, there's already one in it.

Says the deal ends tomorrow. Well, I'll just keep my money then. Or don't buy the 50mm. Just buy that some other month, and get the f1.4.

Well, I'll be in bed. Maybe I'll wait till the 20% off is over, and then order nothing. It'll take longer to get 2k, if I spend $20 on two lenses.