Can’t buy a new lens next month either

Got to buy new clothes. I could this month, but I’m to cheap. Got to leave as much money as possible in the bank.

Might not get food stamps next month, Trump might decide to shut the government down again, if he doesn’t get funding for his fence, what happened to his wall plan?

Might not buy the cheap manual focus lens, might just wait till I have enough, and buy the expensive auto focus Sigma.

What about the Rokinon 85mm? Don’t have that focal length. Seems kind of pointless to get a 56mm lens, when I have a 42.5mm lens. Looks like you need the Sigma, if you want it sharp at the lowest aperture.

Isn’t that what editing your pictures is for? Just add sharpening, unless you are lazy like me, then just turn the aperture to f2.0.

Also, the soft is on the Sony version. Sony probably has a bigger sensor then my camera. Funny, all the primes they own, are soft at the lowest aperture. They must not own the Sigma 56mm. Cause the reviews clearly say that is sharp at it’s lowest aperture. That was a comment to a review.

They must be cheap like me, and only own cheap lenses.

I buy camera gear, but I don’t use it. I’m a collector. So being soft doesn’t matter. In that case, I should buy the Rokinon 85mm and maybe the Meike 50mm.

Why does everybody say it’s hard to focus at f1.4? Soon, I’ll semi test that theory, after I get a grip. I’ll use one of my manual lenses, at the widest aperture on it. My adapter somehow makes the aperture wider, probably cause it has glass in it.