DHCP Timeout/Failure

What had that failure? UniFi doesn’t tell you much about anything. Was it the AP itself? Or did somebody finally manage to crack the random password?

Either way, I changed the password.

Oh wait, I unplugged the ethernet cables, a couple days ago, cause the dog was freaking out because of the beeping alarm. That took a long time for that error to show up. So I doubt that’s what caused it.

ubnt dhcpd: uid lease xxx for client xxx is duplicate on WIRELESS

There’s some on the wired network too. The router might of messed itself up.

Why is my router trying to give my desktop a different IP then what’s assigned to it? Trying to give my phone a different IP too.

A bug from 2016. Didn’t know my computer ever had a non static IP, guess it did when I first got it. That was a long time ago, and it didn’t remove it.

My desktop’s old IP is from 2018/11/27.

All the old IPs are removed.