Do I really need a new phone?

You can hook a monitor, mouse, and keyboard up to it. If the browser has GPU video decoding, you can use Rainway on it. Unless, your primary computer doesn’t have Windows. I have both, but I probably wouldn’t use it for that anyways. Windows lives in a VM, that may never be booted again.

But the SMACH Z is cheaper then the Librem 5, at least right now, the price might go up. Looks like it’ll cost the same once the price goes up. Don’t really play games anymore though. But you can use it for other stuff.

I think the SMACH Z was supposed to be out by now. So I probably have another year to buy it for the lower price. It comes with Linux by default.

You can use it for video watching. What do you need the controller on it for if you are only watching videos?

I already have a game tablet thing. The controllers can be removed. Not much video to watch on it though. I should sell it.

Why does Librem only have Intel laptops? And according to somebody on a forum, they can’t and didn’t fully disable the ME, I think it was the ME they were talking about. I think their site claims they did so.

Yup it’s ME. See here. The forum poster didn’t provide any proof that they didn’t disable it, or make it not work.

If you look at their FAQ, no Ryzen, apparently it requires proprietary firmware to even function. AMD should make a CPU that doesn’t need their proprietary firmware, so I can buy a Librem computer that has one. Don’t need a laptop though, and that’s all they have.