Don't buy a refurbished iPhone

Apparently Apple's quality control took a dump. Alarm went off, and tried tapping stop, and it didn't do anything. Had to unlock it, which stopped it, I opened the clock app and toggled it, just in case I only snoozed it.

And there's a weird flicker corrupt thing in the upper left corner. For a split second, you can see what looks like other apps, but while on the home screen. My computer has done something like that.

Those two issues could be software though. At least you get updates faster then Android. Kind of pointless if they don't fix it though.

Also, the clock issue, could of been user error, since I wasn't fully awake. Should change the alarm to 1 pm.

I've had refurbished iPod touches, and no issues with them. I had the first gen one, got it for a graduation present. I've bought newer ones too, don't remember if all of them were refurbished, the first one was.