Funny how people say a new camera won’t get you better pictures

It will if the settings you use are for the newer version of your camera.

My new camera has basically the same settings on it, and the pictures are brighter. And for some reason the expensive Canon FD adapter is way better. It’s easier to get pictures in focus with that adapter now. Before it would be in focus on the screen, but the picture wouldn’t be.

I could of increased the ISO, but isn’t a flash supposed to make it so you don’t need to do that?

If you are an idiot, buy one newer version of your camera, somehow you are using the wrong settings for your old camera. If that doesn’t work, then buy a different camera, just keep sending them back, until the settings work. No need to readjust your brain and change the settings, it’s better to get a camera that works with the settings your brain is programmed with.

Could be because the JPGs on the new camera are better. I prefer not to edit the RAW files or the JPG files. It’s better to edit RAW. Don’t really know what I’m doing editing anyways.

Also, if only one setting needs to be changed, I’m to lazy to do so.