Good job monitor

Wouldn't wake up, tried getting it to reboot, but nothing would show on the monitor. Turned it off and back on, and now it works again.

I wonder if the flickering is monitor related, not GPU. Looks like I need a new monitor. Don't really want to buy the same brand, that means there is no brand to buy. I like the picture on my BenQ.

Could be cable related. Is it the cable it came with? That is cheaper then a new monitor.

Don't think it came with a DisplayPort cable, looks like I bought an Amazon one.

The reviews on my cable are mostly for 10 foot ones, which has issues. A review for the same length as mine, says it should do 60hz fine.

Not a lot of DisplayPort brands on Amazon. Or at least none that I've heard of. The Monoprice DisplayPort cables might be crap too. The brand I like, doesn't show up.

Cable Matters isn't a good brand, I had or have some adapters from them, that suck.

The StarTech might be certified, that means it should work. Apparently non certified cables, send power back on one of the pins. Not sure mine does that though.

Insignia is certified, costs $20 though. Accell has some certified ones, think I saw them on Amazon. The Best Buy up north doesn't have the DisplayPort cable.

Flickering is common with cheap DisplayPort cables, but that might only apply to more then 60hz.

Is it really the cable if there's no flickering for almost 7 days? Should try shutting the monitor off and back on. Except, rebooting doesn't power cycle the monitor. And that solves it.