Got an iPad

Didn't want to wait until next Friday, so I said I could pay for half of it + tax, but instead she said for them to charge me $125, and she paid the rest, around $140 after tax.

It's my early birthday present. Didn't want to spend $165, so I got the cheaper one with less storage.

Not sure I really need a new lens, I have a 9mm body cap lens from Olympus. Doesn't make sense to get a 12mm or 8mm.

If you are wondering why it can't find your iPhone when setting up a new iPad, you need Bluetooth enabled. I was looking for NFC in the settings, didn't see it near WiFi and Bluetooth, so I decided to try enabling Bluetooth, and it worked.

The screen is huge, and my iPhone 7's screen is tiny. Also, it's painful holding the iPad while using it. Don't remember what hurts when holding it, probably my weak wrist.

The screen does look better though. And the new iPads are way better then what I had, that I sold to Amazon for not very much, and bought a shitty phone with the money.

Sucks the Logitech case isn't $50 anymore. I'm not paying over $80 for it. There's a cheaper one on Amazon, it's $50. Think the batteries can last four years on the Logitech, they might be replaceable, don't think the other brand for $50 has replaceable batteries.

Buy the "smart" case cover whatever it's called, and buy a small bluetooth keyboard.

On another note, my throttling works, did a speed test at the same time on both my phone and the iPad, got a little over 3 Mbps on the iPad, and less on the iPhone.

Set up an open AP, and throttle it to 1 Kbps. Nothing like trolling WiFi crackers or in that case thieves.

Walmart has a keyboard case for $40. Same price as the smart cover. Not sure if the Walmart, I want to go to has it, says "see date at checkout", don't think they are open 24/7. Like the small one that doesn't have all of the stuff I need. Good idea, go to the closer one, and then go to Safeway too.

Nope, not for my iPad, it's for the Pro. Why are the Pro iPad cases cheaper?

It's settled, buy the smart cover, or pay over $70 for the Logitech keyboard case. I'll probably pay $40 for the smart cover. Is a $25 case good enough? It's probably better then the smart cover.

There's a case that looks like the smart cover for $15. So you can use it in your lap, with the stand feature, the other one has a little kickstand thing.

The magnet shuts the iPad off? Or just puts the display to sleep? If the latter, they are a liar, use the right words.

Found a case, Otterbox for a little over $40, they do have one for $50, but it's not like the smart cover. Probably hurt my wrist even more, the $50 case is heavy duty.

There's another option, don't buy a case, nothing like a naked iPad.