HDHomeRun Premium TV will cease to exist soon

Their provider Omniverse is getting sued. There won’t be a stage 2. If they don’t find a new provider, Premium TV will be gone.

There really is missing frames on Premium TV, one part of Project Blue Book was messed up. Unless they intended for it to be like that. You can see the subtitles, but they don’t say everything, and it shows it twice.

HDHomeRun Premium TV was to good to be true, being able to record to your own computer. Hopefully Philo uses a real provider.

Don’t think Philo uses Omniverse, their site doesn’t say they do, like all other services that do. Unless I missed it.

Nice, on Philo you can use some channel apps, and get access to the content they provide. See here. So give your login info to people, and they can use the channel apps, or Philo maybe. Don’t know how many streams you get with Philo. Based on that, they probably use a legal provider. Or they get it directly from the channels they offer. So Philo should last.

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