HP Chromebook 14-inch FHD IPS Non-Touch Laptop with 180-degree Hinge, AMD Dual-Core A4-9120 Processor, 4 GB SDRAM, 32 GB eMMC Storage, Chrome OS (14-db0040nr, Chalkboard Gray)

That Chromebook is $260 on Amazon, $10 cheaper then the worse one on HP's site.

The only reason to buy the one on HP's site, is if you want better battery life. Not much better. The one on Amazon has a faster CPU, and a real display, 1080p. I don't want any display lower then 1080p, part of the reason I sold the Dell laptop I had.

I don't know why AMD doesn't list that Chromebook on their site, they just list the shitty one.

Then again, the specs on Amazon could be wrong, but they do have a color AMD doesn't link to.

And the CPU might be wrong on Amazon, I searched Google for "db0040nr", and it says the slower C CPU, that is 9120C. But the resolution says 1080p. I only care about the display size.

Can you put Linux on it? Otherwise Google can sell my info. They already do for my email. The jokes on Google though, nobody wants my info. It's a waste of money. Google loses money on me.

Well, if I buy a laptop, it'll be that Chromebook. Don't want to risk Linux not working on a Windows laptop. Seeing as that would be $500. Chrome OS should have Linux support by now.

Linux support is in Beta. What distro is it? It uses APT, but does it use Debian's repo or Ubuntu's or their own? Can I install distcc? So I can compile missing stuff?

Lots of stuff not supported. And it sounds like it runs in a virtual machine.

What Linux program do I need to run on it anyways?