HP has a good laptop

It would be $600 or a little more, you have to pay extra for the 1080p display, and extra for better WiFi.

It has 16 GB of RAM, so it's the best deal. There's another one like it, but you can't get a 1080p display on it.

Linux probably works fine on it, it says Intel for the WiFi, that most likely works in Linux.

Maybe my mom will pay half, she said she could probably buy me an iPad. Will it still be that price at the end of next week?

Wouldn't ship till the 14th, so maybe. I can spend $400, so she'd only need to give me $200. If she gives me $250, that's better, the tax will probably be $30-$50.

Get the 17" one, not 1080p, but more then most of the 15" or smaller ones. It's 1600 x 900. And it's cheaper if you get that, unless you want the 1080p display. I just don't want the lowest resolution, that they put on almost all budget laptops for some reason. They must of forgot it's 2019.

I should be in bed, but I can't sleep. Don't get the 17", no SSD, costs over $600 with one.

And Lenovo wins, I don't care what Ryzen CPU it has, the 3 is all I need in a laptop, $511, with a 1080p display, and 8 GB of RAM, and a SSD. For $591.30, you can get it with a Ryzen 7, of course the mobile chip, not what my desktop has. If I insist on a better CPU, even though it doesn't really matter, get the 5 for $50 more. That's $547.50.