I like Roku TV

It makes simple stuff, like changing the picture settings, look better.

I didn’t really need a 4k Apple TV. Somebody said I needed something with 4k for my TV. I tried saying the built in Roku does that.

Watching my Mythtv recordings will be easier on the Apple TV, it just cost me $10.

I like Roku’s interface better then Amazon’s Fire TV.

Also, the Roku in my TV isn’t slow at all, I’m guessing a 1080p Roku TV could be slow, if they put the Express or whatever inside it. Older smart TVs have a shitty UI compared to Roku TV, I think I’ve seen some of my grandparent’s LG. It’s supposed to look pretty. Not old and ugly.

Problem with Philo is, it looks way better, and your data usage will go up. At least not as much as if I recorded every South Park episode on Premium TV, the cloud DVR, you only watch what you want. It’s like on demand, with fast forwarding. If they made it more like Netflix, then I’d be happy, no more fast forwarding, there’d be no commercials.

They could have a $5 add on for auto commercial skipping. Then get sued by the providers, saying they are in breach of the contract.