If I do go on vacation

I need a laptop. Otherwise, I'll be bored out of my mind. Then I can be bored on the laptop instead.

Get a Chromebook, you can run Linux programs on it, and Linux itself might work on it too.

The HP AMD one has a shitty resolution. I'd need to bring a monitor too, no thanks.

They do make small USB C displays, the C port on that HP carries video too.

Haha bad review, because they don't know how to use plain text on a Chromebook, because there's no "notepad" option. Use a Linux program. Unless that one doesn't support Linux programs.

Maybe I'll buy it on Friday, because of that one bad review, well it was an awful review, they gave it three stars. They are taking a computer literacy class. To bad they don't teach Linux in that class.

How much is a Windows Ryzen laptop? They might have cheaper ones by now. I can get a discount, but the resolution probably sucks on the one I saw. Just put Linux on it, and hope the hardware is compatible.

HP has some cheap ones. Does my mom's work get a discount on HP? I forgot the site you login to. Looks like they do. Their site is dead, says file not found.

Got the HP site to work, disable the HTTPS Everywhere extension. Then remove the s from http.

That only solves one problem, the login and register link do nothing. Don't use the broken buttons, click the menu sign in register link. Haha, that didn't work, registered for their regular site, not the discount.

Finally got it to work, had to white list a bunch of crap. Good job HP, using ad sites.

Why no discount on the $270 Chromebook? I want $70 off, and I'll buy it right now. It'd cost $380 for a Ryzen 3 laptop. That's probably faster then the Chromebook, who knows if Linux works on it though. And probably the old Ryzen CPU, and you have to pay another $40 for a proper display. They know how to make you not buy a Ryzen laptop, give em shitty displays, and old CPUs.

Linux might work on the ThinkPad E485 AMD. But that'll cost $500, with a SSD, and a real display. And for that price, only 4 GB of RAM. Can I select no OS and get $100 off? The Chromebook is cheaper, and should be able to run Linux programs. And it only has 4 GB of RAM too, but under $300, so a better deal.

ASUS has one for a little cheaper, with 6 GB of RAM, but only a shitty hybrid drive.

What's the resolution? The description on Amazon says the shitty resolution, but Best Buy said 1080p, and farther up the page it says 1080p. It has a M.2 SATA slot, for a SSD.

Pay $96 for five months, you can do so on Amazon. And Linux should work on the ASUS. But you might have very shitty battery life. Damn, can't buy the lens on a monthly plan. Cheaper then that laptop, that I don't really need.