Insta360 ONE X

What's the difference between that and the $220 one? Looks like the cheaper one is only 4k.

According to somebody on DPReview, 4k for 360 video is useless.

Not very big, so the sensor probably isn't very big. Might struggle indoors, for pornography.

Haha, Android users are limited to what devices they can use. That's because they have shitty CPUs.

You might have to use the app or the Windows program. Therefore, it would be useless for me.

The video format the camera saves as is insv. Is 8 threads enough CPU for converting it to an MP4 file? Can't find if any Linux program supports it.

The ExifTool can read it, that isn't a player or editor.

Think it said it uses H264, which Linux does support. But who knows if it can read insv files.