iPhone SE is on Apple's site under Clearance

It’s $250 for 32 GB, or $300 for 128 GB.

On their refurbished store.

Just think, if I didn’t buy the iPhone 7, I could of bought the SE for $250. That would of been way cheaper. No force touch on it. I had a Straight Talk iPhone SE, but since I reset it or something, I’d have to pay for another month of Straight Talk, to use it on T-Mobile again, the unlock SIM adapters are lame.

You know why Apple is selling it again? Nobody is buying the new expensive iPhones. So will they release a new SE? Keep the price $350 max, and people will buy it, as long as it’s the same size. All they’d really have to do is put a new CPU in it, and people would want it. Doesn’t even need to be the newest CPU they have, could be the iPhone 7 CPU.