Is 1366 x 768 really that bad?

You can get an Acer Ryzen 3 laptop for $310 at Staples. That's cheaper then the 128 GB iPad.

Not really worth it, comes with a shitty hard drive, not a SSD. You could open it, but that's a pain.

There's a Lenovo with a 1080p display, out of stock though.

How much is an i3 laptop with a 1080p display? Don't really want to support manufactures that are handicapping AMD laptops though.

Will my mom give me $250 so I can buy a laptop instead of an iPad? That's about how much a 1080p AMD laptop costs.

Go with Lenovo, Office Depot has one, 8 GB of RAM, and a SSD. No need to open it up. Does all the hardware on it work with Linux? Well, if the WiFi doesn't, just use a USB adapter, I have one, that works with Linux. Might be online only. How much is it from Lenovo directly? I can get a discount.

Get a ThinkPad, you can customize it, and people run Linux on them. It'll be close to $600 though, because I'm to fucking lazy to put another stick of RAM in it. It'll cost me around $300, if my mom gives me $250. Or I give her the money and she buys it for me.

To answer the question, yes it is. That's partly why I sold my i3 Dell.