Somebody disconnected my phone from my AP, then I went to WiFi, to make sure I was connected to my AP, and there was another AP with the same name. There’s all the proof I need that somebody likes fucking with my WiFi.

You don’t need to run Kismet to find out. You just need to be looking at your phone at the right time.

Would I have the same IP if my phone connected to their AP?

They only got on my AP before because WPS was enabled. You can’t fully disable it on the Netgear they killed. They got on again, on a different router, you have to go to some other section to fully disable WPS.

My current AP doesn’t support WPS.

Oh and if they think I can’t prove anything, they are wrong, Kismet will prove it. Problem is I might incriminate myself, if they consider it an illegal wire tap. To lazy to setup the other Raspberry Pi Zero.

I could complain, if the person is in the building, they will knock my phone off constantly most likely, if they aren’t in the building, they won’t know I complained.