Kamlan 50mm F1.1

Manual focusing at F1.1 is hard? I’m not convinced it is, if you are insane.

Also, why do pictures need to be sharper then reality?

That lens is $180, seems like a lot for a manual lens. That isn’t made by a known brand.

There’s a cheaper lens, for under $100, 55mm or 50mm, don’t remember, not F1.1, but good enough. If you step that down to f1.7 or f1.8 whatever the cheapo lens is, will it be sharper?

Why the fuck do you need that much bokeh though? Oh right, for porn. Make it out of focus with any lens, and you got the same thing.

Also, 50mm is only 5mm more then my YI auto focus lens. I need at least 55mm. Or 35mm if I go backwards.

Oh wait, more then 5mm, think the YI is 42.5mm or something. In that case, it’s close enough to 10mm difference.

I never figured out focus peaking. I just use a magnified view.

It’s cheaper if you buy from their site. I think that’s their site. Does it come from China? Just pay more and buy on Amazon, you can’t buy the micro 4/3 on their site, says for Sony in the cart. My blocker could be blocking the script that makes it add the correct one to the cart. Why use JavaScript for that?

You can’t see the shipping fee without checking out. I’m to cheap to buy it this month.

Buy the Meike, it’s cheaper. Not as much bokeh, and only F2.0. If it’s not bright enough, use a flash. Review says it’s sharp, didn’t look at their pictures. But if it’s sharper then my YI, I’ll buy it. Except, my YI can be stepped down, and it’s better. But if you don’t have to step it down, you can have lots of bokeh.

Buy a $40 Leash, from Peak Design, it’s a better strap then the one on my camera. Not really needed though, I don’t remove the strap.