kuman for Raspberry PI Camera Module 5MP 1080p OV5647 Sensor HD Video Webcam Supports Night Vision for Raspberry Pi Model B/B+ A+ RPi 3/2/1/zero/zero W with FFC/FPC Cable (Raspberry pi Camera)

How hot is that supposed to get? It might be getting hotter then it use to. If I put my finger on the back, it'll get burnt if I leave it there long enough. I lied, the back of where the camera is, isn't hot. It's the IR lights that are hot. Or the screws that attach the IR lights to the camera board. So unscrew it, and it shouldn't be hot, and you'll have no IR light.

Are IR lights supposed to get hot? Somehow it's transferring power from the board to the lights just by screwing it onto the camera board. The other one isn't screwed all the way down, because the screws are tiny, and you have to fiddle with it, to get it to turn on.

The IR lights aren't supposed to be on 24/7, you can apparently adjust the light sensitivity.

Got the other one screwed down. No idea how. Most people that buy it must have tiny fingers. It is the IR light getting hot, probably because it's on 24/7. The only thing that looks like you can adjust the light sensor with doesn't do anything. I did accidentally take part of it out of it's rubber tool.

Oh and the light cover or whatever it's called, comes off. Or maybe lens is the more correct word, if you touch the light, after removing that, your finger will hurt. Just like screwing it down when it has power.

Not hot at all now, I searched Google, and you use a screw driver to adjust the light, you can turn it off. Not sure why they call it light sensitivity, if you turn it off, it won't turn on when it's dark. Don't use a to small screwdriver, it won't move it. Not the screws that connect to the camera board, there's one on the same side as the lights.

Might kill the range on it though. Luckily, the stuff people would want to steal, is in my living room. So if they don't turn the light on, as soon as they get closer to the living room, you'll be able to see them.

They should be preset to the lowest setting, not off, but one up. That'll save fingers.

Somebody said the Pi's camera connector isn't rated for the amount of power the lights use. And everything gets hot, including the Pi itself.

What's the command to get the temperature of the Pi? I forgot. I also didn't do it with the lights on full brightness. It's 39.5C, probably what it was with full brightness.

Got up to 40.1C.

That's hotter then my desktop's CPU, it's sitting at 29C. Thanks to the expensive cooler I have, not water, expensive air cooler. Air shouldn't fry it.

At least it won't light my computer on fire now, it's sitting on top of it.