Meike 12mm f/2.8 for Micro Four Thirds

I'll probably buy that eventually, it's cheaper then the Rokinon. Apparently the Rokinon has some flaring issues too.

The first picture I take with that, will be pointing at the light in my apartment, to see what serious flaring looks like.

Some people on DPReview say that brand is fine. One person got the infinity focus in the wrong spot, but it's a cheap lens, so bad versions are bound to get out.

I don't see the point in paying almost $300 for the Rokinon, if they both have flaring issues.

The Meike is $190 on Amazon. You can get $20 off.

Somebody with a Fuji camera, the lens was super hard to remove from their camera. Eh, I'll just ask somebody to remove it for me, if that happens.

I need to own a Meike lens, I have a YI, I had some other cheap brand. I collect all cheap manual lenses, well the YI is auto focus. I paid $100 or so for it used. Glad they didn't like it, cause I love it.

I do have the fisheye 9mm or whatever body cap lens. But I need a lens without the fisheye affect, I'm to lazy to remove it. Might not always want the fisheye affect. Also, that lens is only f8.

I should of tried the cheap manual lens on my new camera, it's gone now.

Don't really need to buy a lens though, I don't use my camera anymore, that's to much work.

Haha, soft around the edges. Did they change the aperture? Probably not.

No idea why I want the Chromebook. Probably because you can run some Linux programs on it.